Winter road maintenance is completed in accordance with Policy PW004: Winter Road Maintenance. Sanding or ice-blading of icy intersections and sections is done on an as-required basis, with the priority being on intersections and curves.

The priority for snowplowing operations shall be:

  1. Air ambulance airport runways
  2. Major emergency routes and facilities for emergency services
  3. Arterial roads
  4. School bus routes (public and private)
  5. Collector roads/Hamlet streets
  6. Local roads
  7. Public sidewalks and walkways
  8. Winter maintenance of rural private residential driveways
  9. Other miscellaneous duties

Generally rural residential driveways will be done after local road snowplowing, however, at times, driveways may be plowed in conjunction with local roads to improve efficiencies.

Driveway Snowplowing for Rural Residents

Rural residents may purchase a Snowplow Flag at a fee as listed in Mackenzie County’s Fee Schedule Bylaw to receive snow removal from their driveways. A Rural Residential Snowplowing Application (Schedule “A”) must be completed prior to purchase, releasing Mackenzie County, its employees, and agents, from any liability arising from the snowplow operation.
Rural residents having purchased a Snowplow Flags must place the Flag visibly at the end of the driveway to signify a request for snowplowing. The Snowplow Flag provides residents with ONE pass in and ONE pass out (most direct route to the residence) Snow clearing will operate to a maximum of one quarter (¼) of a mile (400 meters) or for 15 minutes, whichever is less. Snowplowing will not be completed if the Flag is not visibly placed at the end of the driveway. Flags will be removed by the grader operator when plowing the driveway.
No service shall be provided prior to the purchase of a Snowplow Flag and/or the signing of a new agreement annually and upon payment for the service as established in the Fee Schedule Bylaw.

To receive snow removal from their driveways, ALL rural residents must complete an application and purchase a Snowplow Flag at a cost of $120., $40. for seniors.

To complete a Snowplowing Application and to purchase a Snowplow Flag, visit your local County office.