Mackenzie County develops plans for vegetation management including roadside brushing and disposal of brush piles, roadside spraying for weeds and trees, ditch cleaning, and definition as per policy PW013: Roadside Brush Control.

Roadside Vegetation Management Plan (2021)

  • Full-width cut on all County roads north of the Peace River.
  • Single-pass cut (15ft/4.5m) on all County roads south of the Peace River.

All County Roads south of Township Road 106-0 (Airport Road) will be sprayed with a residual herbicide in 2021 to control broadleaf weeds and brush. This includes the Buffalo Head Prairie, Blue Hills, and Tompkins areas.

  • Herbicides to be used are Aspect, Navius & Clearview.
  • Product labels and regulatory requirements will be followed.
  • All spraying is done by a licensed Pesticide Applicator.
  • Spraying is to commence June 10th, completion by July 10th.

“Do Not Spray” Program

Mackenzie County maintains a “Do Not Spray” program for residents who do not want any spraying along county roads adjacent to their property (i.e. organic producers, berry patches, herbicide allergies, etc.).

Those interested must complete and sign a Spray Exemption Agreement which are available from all County offices. Mail-in requests are not accepted and all applications must be completed in the presence of a Mackenzie County employee.

Anyone who signs a Spray Exemption Agreement will accept responsibility to control all of the weeds along with these road allowances. The County Weed Inspector will be carrying out inspections to ensure this is done, as weed control is essential to successful vegetation management.

The deadline for the 2023 Spray Exemption Agreements was May 31, 2023.