“A person shall not start any undertaking for which a permit is required under this regulation unless a permit has been issued.” Safety Codes Act, Permit Regulation; Alberta regulation 204/2007.

Mackenzie County is an accredited municipality, which means we provide permitting, inspection, and compliance monitoring services through our own staff and contracted accredited agencies. County staff are here to help you navigate the sometimes challenging and difficult process of applying for every permit related to your building project.  Forms will include a building permit application and may include electrical, plumbing, gas and private sewage applications.  We work hard to maintain a streamlined process helping in any way we can to provide a timely and simple path to the completion of your next project.  To help you better understand the process, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

In addition to the development permit, other permits are required such as building, electrical, gas, plumbing, and private sewage permit.  These permits ensure that your construction is carried out in accordance with the Safety Codes Act.  Building without the proper permits and inspection can also lead to unsafe conditions and costly repairs in the future.

Building permits are required for construction, alteration, repair, relocation, or change of use for any building.  Building permits are required by the Alberta Safety Codes Act to make sure the construction and use of the building will be safe.  All installations of modular, move-on, or prefabricated homes require a building permit.

Through the application for a building permit, the County’s Safety Codes Officer will ensure that the design and construction of a building complies with the requirements of the Alberta Building Code. The primary purpose of the Alberta Building Code is to set out minimum requirements for buildings to ensure public health, fire protection, and structural adequacy. Once you have applied for a building permit, a Safety Codes Officer will review the submitted plans and produce a plan review document detailing code requirements and the mandatory site inspections. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to request the inspections at the various project milestones, so that the Safety Codes Officer can inspect the project to ensure compliance with the code.

You can apply for a building permit in person at any Mackenzie County office or online using our website www.mackenziecounty.com.

In order to issue a building permit, the applicant must submit:

  • Completed permit application form;
  • Three (3) complete sets of construction documents which include: cross section, elevations, floor plan, and foundation;
  • Copy of the site plan showing the size, shape, and position of the proposed building on the lot;
  • Copy of the approved municipal development permit;
  • Payment

New residential building permits will NOT be issued by the municipality until builders acquire a New Home Warranty. New homes would at minimum, include a warranty for:

  • One year labour and materials;
  • Two years for defects in labour and materials related to delivery and distribution systems;
  • Five years building envelope protection, with a requirement for the warranty provider to offer the consumer the option to purchase additional years of coverage;
  • Ten years coverage for major structural components. Owner builders will require a new home warranty or a builder authorization.

Learn more about Alberta’s Better Warranty Standards and get to know your role at www.homewarranty.alberta.ca

Typically a building permit is processed within two weeks for residential and commercial projects. This is if an approved development permit has been issued and all of the information has been supplied to the satisfaction of the Safety Codes Officer.

Although manufactured homes are built to the CSA and Alberta Labour standards, you need a building permit to ensure that the foundation, anchorage, site preparation, crawlspace, decks, landings, etc. meet the Alberta Building Code requirements. Electrical, plumbing, and gas permits are also required for the connections to the unit.

The permit is valid for two years, provided the project is not abandoned for more than 120 days and work is commenced within 90 days of the permit issuance. A permit may be extended in writing at the discretion of Mackenzie County.

A homeowner is ultimately responsible for all work being undertaken, although the County would prefer that contractors takes out the permits, unless the homeowner is completing the work themselves.

Anyone can apply for the building permit, however, unless you are completing the electrical, plumbing, gas, and private sewage work yourself, the people contracted to complete the installations must take out their own permits. Please ensure that you are hiring certified contractors.

The building permit covers the structural aspect of the construction. Permits are also required for the electrical, plumbing, gas, and private sewage installations.

Yes, a building permit is required for the installation of a wood burning stove.

Download a PDF version of the Building Permit Guide Brochure: