Statutory Document Structure including Provincial Legislation

Statutory Document Structure                      

Municipalities must compile and keep updated a list of any policies that may be considered in making planning decisions (decisions made under Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA)).  This includes policies that have been approved by Council by Bylaw or Resolution or Policies that have been made by a person or body to whom powers, duties or functions have been delegated by Council or the Chief Administrative Officer (ie. Development Officer or Municipal Planning Commission)

Municipalities are required to publish on their website the list of their Policies, the Policy itself, a summary of the Policies and how they relate to each other and to any Statutory Plan or Bylaw passed in accordance with Part 17 of the MGA. s. 638.2(2).

A Development Authority, Subdivision Authority, Subdivision and Development Appeal board, the Municipal Government Board or a court shall not have regard to any policy unless the policy is listed and published by the municipality.

Municipal Government Act (MGA)

The Municipal Government Act is the law under which Alberta municipalities are empowered to shape their communities.

Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA)

The Alberta Land Stewardship Act authorizes the provincial cabinet to establish planning regions and adopt a statutory plan for each region.

Alberta Land Use Framework (Lower Peace Region)

The Alberta Land Use Framework is empowered through the Alberta Land Stewardship Act.  The Land Use Framework specific for our region is the Lower Peace Regional Plan (LPRP); the intention is to set an approach to manage public and private lands and natural resources to achieve Alberta's long-term economic, environmental and social goals.  The Lower Peace Regional Plan has not been started yet.

Inter-municipal Development Plan (IDP)

Inter-municipal Development Plans are a statutory document used to manage or change land use, and to address growth issues in a way that respects the interests of the County and any bordering municipalities.  These include how to work together, development of joint or bordering lands and how to coordinate parks, open space, recreation, transportation, water, services and utilities across boundaries.  The IDP must be adopted by Bylaw.  There is only one Inter-municipal Development Plan in place which is with the Town of High Level.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The Municipal Development Plan is the long-range, statutory document that is required to be adoped by Bylaw for all municipalities.  The MDP communicates the long term desired land use for the municipality and serves as a high level blueprint showing how the municipality is expected to change over time and the shape it will take in the future.

Area Structure Plan (ASP)

An Area Structure Plan proposes a sequence of development for a specific area which includes the future land uses, the density of population and the general location of transportation and utilities.  Area Structure Plans are approved by Council and adopted by Bylaw.  There are several ASP's in place for future sequenced development.

Land Use Bylaw (LUB)

The Land Use Bylaw is used to implement the statutory plans and is adopted by Council and can only be amended by Council.  The LUB divides the municipality into land use districts and establishes procedures for processing and deciding upon development permits and subdivisions.  This is the document most consulted by administration and the public when starting the development process.

Non-Statutory Plans

The following are non-statutory plans that are consulted and used as guiding documents when making development decisions:

Planning and Development Policies - Policies are adopted by Council to help guide the actions of the County by providing a guideline for employees to follow in making decisions on behalf of the municipality.  It provides a framework for the delegation of decision making, eliminates misunderstandings, reduces uncertainties and enables goals and objectives to be met.  Some latitute is allowed in decision making, dependent upon circumstances, otherwise it would be considered a rule or procedure.  However, in making decisions, the intent of the policy must be followed.

Policy DEV001 - Urban Development Standards

This Policy is used to establish urban development standards to ensure consistent development is maintained within the hamlets of Mackenzie County in conjunction with the General Municipal Improvement Standard.

Policy DEV002 - Subdivision Refund & Revisions

This Policy is used to ensure consistency in dealing with subdivision refunds and revisions.

Policy DEV003 - Multi-Lot/Urban Subdivision Construction and Registration

This Policy will ensure consistency and clarity in how both urban and multi-lot subdivisions will be constructed and registered.  This Policy is used in conjunction with the Municipal Government Act, General Municipal Improvement Standards, and the Land Use Bylaw.

Policy DEV004 - Minimum Construction Value for Safety Code Permits

This Policy is used to establish guidelines for calculating the minimum construction value of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residental building projects.

Policy DEV005 - Municipal Reserve

The County receives various requests for subdivisions, both within the hamlets and in the rural areas.  As per the Municipal Government Act and the Land Use Bylaw, the County may receive municipal reserve, in the form of land or money, or a combination thereof, for the provision of future services.  This Policy will ensure consistency and clarity on how municipal reserve is collected and managed.

Policy DEV006 - Antenna System Siting

This Policy is for the installation, placement, and consultation requirements of antenna systems (telecommunication towers) within Mackenzie County.  This is used in conjunction with federal legislation, the Municipal Government Act, and the Land Use Bylaw.

Policy DEV007 - Rural Development Standards

This Policy is used to establish rural development standards to ensure consistent development is maintained within the rural areas of the County.  This is used in conjunction with the Municipal Government Act and the Land Use Bylaw.

Policy DEV008 - General Municipal Improvement Standards

The General Municipal Improvement Standards are intended to serve as minimum standards that are to be followed by the County, developers, engineering consultants, contractors and others during all aspects of municipal improvement installations, including design, preparation and submission of plans and drawings, and construction operations.  This is used in conjunction with Policy PW039 Rural Road, Access Construction and Surface Water Management.

Policy DEV009 - Subdivision Affidavits

This Policy is in place to define a formal process when allowing the registration of a rural subdivision prior to completion of required conditions specific to road/access construction.  This Policy is used in conjunction with the Municipal Government Act.

Community Sustainability Plan

The County's Community Sustainability Plan is a specific type of strategic plan.  It outlines the strategies necessary to build a strong economy that protects environmental integrity and contributes to strong social cohesion in this culturally diverse municipal jurisdiction.  The strength of these variables are considered fundamental components of a sustainable community.  This document is a source of long term planning for the County and is referenced in all municipal decisions.

Strategic Plan

This document is currently under review, however serves as the plan that identifies the goals and priorities set by Council as a directive to administration.  The Plan could affect the approval of development projects.

Infrastructure Master Plans

An Infrastructure Master Plan is a document that provides a framework for planning the future development of a hamlet.  The document recognizes the existing infrastructure and the future capacity within a hamlet.  These documents are currently under review.

Streetscape Design Plans

Council implemented Streetscape Design Plans for the hamlets of Fort Vermilion and La Crete in the Main Street and Downtown areas.  The intention is to promote economic development and hamlet beautification.  Within the document are minimum design standards for buildings, setback regulations, and green space requirements.

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