The Finance Department is responsible for the collection of property taxes in Mackenzie County, annual budgeting, long-term fiscal planning, and financial reporting for Mackenzie County as well as a number of associated boards. The Finance Department also oversees the provision of bursaries for first-time university or college students, business incentives applications and grants to non-profit organizations throughout the County.

Audited Financial Statements

Mackenzie County’s Financial statements are audited annually by an independent accounting firm. To view the audited financial statements for a particular year, please click the corresponding link below:

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Operating and Capital Budgets

Mackenzie County’s budget documentation is intended to serve as a policy document, financial plan, operations guide, and communications device. This documentation includes information regarding the County’s Operating and Capital Budgets. In addition to the financial overviews, this documentation incorporates information on our community, financial policies, departmental business plans, and much more. To view budget documentation for a particular year, please click the corresponding link below:

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See the links below for more information on the services provided by the Finance Department:


Mackenzie County offers preauthorized payment plans for its residents in order to assist with the financial planning for taxes, utilities, and fire invoices. There are over 200 ratepayers that are currently taking advantage of these plans. If you wish to sign up for a pre-authorized payment plan, please contact us:

Andrew Neigel, Finance Officer, Taxation
Phone: 780-927-3718

Christina Wiebe, Finance Clerk, Utilities
Phone: 780-927-3718

Accounts Receivable
Phone: 780-927-3718

Contact Us

To contact the Financial Services Department, please call the Fort Vermilion office at 780-927-3718 or email