Mackenzie County strives to continue to learn and understand current environmental issues and the impacts of legislation as it relates to land use. The County derives strategies on how to mitigate potential negative impacts and provides recommendations to Council on how to best address these issues.

Mackenzie County’s Community Sustainability Plan outlines the Municipality’s goals and strategies to help protect both the natural and built environments within the County, and to reduce the County’s overall environmental footprint.

Species at Risk Management

Species at Risk management continues to be a priority topic for the County. The reality is that caribou are important animals in our northern forests, are considered an iconic species representative of Canada but are being used by Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGOs) and governments for political gain. It is within this larger, much more complex environment that the County has been advocating for a common-sense approach to caribou recovery.

Mackenzie County continues to be an active member of the Northwest Species at Risk Committee (NWSAR) which is mandated to collectively provide and share information, ideas, and resources relating to the continued and future prosperity of Northwest Alberta. Instill effective regional adaptive management and transparency, which allows all stakeholders to play a vital role in shaping our collective future. Develop tangible solutions founded upon an evidence-based approach, to ensure a balance of smart economic growth, sustained quality of life, and an enhanced natural environment for all of our businesses, communities, and wildlife.