Mackenzie County always welcomes new partners, investors, and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the wide host of opportunities that are available. A few of the things that contribute to the Mackenzie County Business Advantage include:

  • a diverse economic portfolio with many pillars of support;
  • rich natural resources, including agricultural land, lumber, natural gas, and oil;
  • a diverse workforce of skilled and technical workers;
  • high-speed internet access;
  • a variety of well-priced land parcels;
  • a high rate of regional employment growth;
  • low residential and non-resident tax rates;
  • eligibility for Canada’s Northern Living Allowance;
  • access to a wide range of transportation networks via road, air, and rail;
  • low utility rates;
  • welcoming communities with a rich history and culture;
  • spectacular scenery and magnificent wildlife;
  • plenty of tourism opportunities;
  • low crime rates;
  • no traffic congestion or parking shortages;
  • and much more!

Our Goal

Mackenzie County strives to support a strong, diversified, and sustainable economy by focusing on the attraction, retention, and expansion of business opportunities throughout the County. Mackenzie County works directly with clients, site selectors, real estate professionals, and relevant stakeholders to help facilitate business development, investment, and the site selection process, all while balancing social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


Mackenzie County strives to make starting a business as easy as possible. The process of getting started varies significantly depending on the type of business being established. Those starting a home-based business will undergo a much different course of action than those purchasing land or constructing a facility. Regardless of the type of business that you may be starting, Mackenzie County may be able to assist you in a number of areas, including:

  • Completing applications for development permits and business licensing
  • Arranging joint meetings with County representatives and business clients
  • Providing demographic, statistical, and mapping data
  • Developing a business plan
  • Connecting you with financial, legal, and other business resources
  • Site selection; finding available lease space and land
  • Referrals to federal and provincial economic development support agencies

Resources for Getting Started

In addition to our helpful development staff at Mackenzie County, there are a variety of community resources to help businesses get started:

Business Link is a not-for-profit organization supported by the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta. No matter what stage of business you’re at, or where you live in the province, Business Link is your first stop for business information and resources in Alberta.

Community Futures Northwest Alberta, a Community Futures Development Corporation, is a federally sponsored, but community-directed, non-profit organization. The community development role of our organization within the region is to facilitate or enable communities to help themselves. The corporation assists with this bottom-up approach by acting as a resource at every step of the way. We help with establishing community and regional goals, plans and programs, and implementing courses of action to pursue them, ensuring that planning is followed by action.

The Fort Vermilion and Area Board of Trade was formed with the purpose of promoting and improving trade and commerce and the economics, civic, and social welfare of the people of the area.

InnoTech Alberta functions as a globally competitive research and innovation system. Within the system government, industry and academia interact to develop solutions to global challenges and use knowledge for the growth and diversification of Alberta’s economy. Alberta Innovates operates as an integrated system aligned with the strategies and priorities of the Government of Alberta line departments.

La Crete and Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization, supported by its member firms, to promote the area’s economic growth and development. The Chamber enables businessmen and businesswomen to accomplish collectively what no one of them could do individually, creating a pool of resources from which one can draw ideas, energy, and finances. The La Crete and Area Chamber of Commerce also provides a powerful voice on behalf of the business community; it speaks out on issues such as taxes, transportation, and education that affect your business because you are located in the area.

Located in La Crete, the Rural Alberta Business Centre is your one-stop access to information, advice, business training, and research services to entrepreneurs and business owners. Drop in to see their Small Business Advisor.