Economic Development Strategy

Our Economic Development Strategy is framed by the desire to provide a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future for all residents, enterprises, organizations and communities within the County through the pursuit of realistic and ambitious initiatives.

The economic development strategy strives for a future where our County:

  • is recognized as a great place to live, work and visit;
  • offers a high quality of life; is pleasant and safe, and seen as vibrant and inclusive;
  • offers all residents, communities and business an opportunity to prosper.

Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The purpose of this Plan is to provide clear direction for Mackenzie County's Council and Administration.  The Plan is intended to guide growth and development of the County to 2031 and to accommodate a population of 17,237.

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) guides future development by defining the vision, principles, objectives, and policies of the County with respect to planning matters.  The MDP, in addition to applicable Provincial legislation, provides a foundation for the preparation of more detailed land use plans; is intended to be used in conjunction with Mackenzie County's Land Use Bylaw to implement the policies of the Plan; and to inform residents and developers of Mackenzie County's future land use strategy.

Mackenzie County 4-Step Community Sustainability Plan

The County's 4 Step Community Sustainability Plan is a specific type of strategic plan.  It outlines the strategies necessary to build a strong economy that protects environmental integrity and contributes to strong social cohesion in our culturally diverse municipal jurisdiction.  The strength of these variables are considered fundamental components of a sustainable community.

The primary challenge facing the County is the question of whether it needs or even wants to change.  If so, what needs to change and how?  These questions are at the heart of "community sustainability" and will be fully explored in the plan.  The benefit of such a plan is that it seeks to ensure that incremental decisions about allocation of resources are linked and contemplate the County's long-term viability and sustainability.