Agricultural Service Board

Mackenzie County’s Agriculture Service Board (ASB) consists of two members of Council and three members at large. Members of the ASB have been appointed to sit on the board for a two year term.

ASB Members:

Josh Knelsen, Councillor, CHAIR
Anthony Peters, Councillor
Ernie Peters, Councillor
Terry Batt, Member at Large
Dicky Driedger, Member at Large
Joe Peters, Member at Large

The ASB manages and enforces the following acts:

Weed Control Act
Agricultural Pests Act
Soil Conservation Act
Livestock Disease Control Regulation
Agricultural Service Board Act

Agricultural Service Board Business Plan

A copy of the 2014 - 2016 Agricultural Service Board Business Plan can be obtained here.

Agricultural Service Board Programs

One of the main goals of the ASB is to provide programs that strive to improve economic viability of farms. Programs such as:

  • Surface Water Management Projects
    Please refer to Policy PW039 Rural Road, Access Construction and Surface Water Management.
  • ASB Pump and Pipe Rental
    For rental rates and availability of the pump, please contact the Mackenzie County office at (780) 927-3718.
  • Backsloping Program
    Mackenzie County recognizes the value of and promotes the backsloping of ditches as it helps to promote future weed and brush control, eliminate potential traffic hazards and provides an aesthetic benefit to all travelers. It is therefore beneficial to the County to reimburse landowners for approved backsloping work in and around the ditches adjacent to their properties.
  • Beaver Control Program
    The Purpose of this program is to assist ratepayers experiencing flooding problems of roads, fields, or other situations caused by beaver flooding from unoccupied crown land or ditches under the authority of Mackenzie County.
  • Roadside Mowing
  • Roadside Spraying
  • Flood Control Ditch Maintenance
  • Roadside Brushing
  • Shelter Belt Tree Program

Agricultural Service Board Plans

A copy of the Master Drainage Plan can be obtained here.

Other Links

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 Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

The Ministry is divided into the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and a number of agencies, boards and commissions. The Department is responsible for the management of programs designed to facilitate the development of all components of the agriculture and food industry, to sustain the natural resource base of the industry and to encourage the development of rural communities.


The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen

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Any comments, questions or concerns regarding any of the programs or Acts listed here can be directed to:
Grant Smith, Agriculture Fieldman
Phone: (780) 927-3718
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.