Mackenzie County Business Advantage

Mackenzie County is renowned in northwest Alberta for a reason - offering a highly desirable quality of life, with vibrant, welcoming communities surrounded by vast countryside.  Mackenzie County welcomes new partners, investors and entrepreneurs.  Invest in Mackenzie County and you will discover a host of opportunities for business development with a strong network of support.

Here's why...

  • A diverse economic portfolio with many pillars supporting growth
  • Rich natural resources, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, oil, lumber and agricultural land
  • Available work force can be found in and around Mackenzie County; a diversity of skilled and technical workers can be found and trained here in Mackenzie County.
  • High-speed internet access
  • Excellent land availability and variety of land parcels
  • Extremely well-priced land
  • Business-friendly Council
  • 5th largest producer of forestry products
  • Regional employment growth +3.7%


  • Qualify for Canada's Northern Living Allowance
  • Mackenzie County 2014 Non-residential tax rate at only 11.9%
  • Mackenzie County 2014 residential tax rate at only 7.4%



The County is served by primary north-south and east-west highways that intersect at the Town of High Level.  Highway 35 is the primary north-south route through the County.  It connects the area to the Northwest Territories in the north and to Peace River, Grande Prairie and Edmonton.

A second north-south paved route, Highway 88 runs 420 km from Highway 58 near Boyer and ends at Highway 2 near Slave Lake.  Highway 58 runs east-west from John d'Or Prairie in the east, through High Level to Rainbow Lake in the west and Highway 697 from Fort Vermilion passing La Crete to Highway 35.


Scheduled air passenger services in the Mackenzie Region reduce the time needed to travel wihtin and beyond County boundaries.  The County owns and operates two small airports, in Fort Vermilion and La Crete, both with paved runways and GPS approach.  There are also paved municipal airports in Rainbow Lake and High Level, as well as a privately owned airstrip at the main Zama oilfield plant.


The CN rail network servcies Mackenzie County with access to Canada's mainline.


The County boasts low utility rates provided by cooperatives, municipalities and larger providers of electricity with capacity reserves capable of handling major users.  Water is abundant and natural gas is available throughout the County.


  • Spectacular scenery
  • Magnificent wildlife
  • Fascinating history and culture
  • Welcoming communities

What We DO Have

  • Quality public schools offering education from grades K-12 and higher education resources
  • Recreational opportunities including public parks, fishing lakes, and hiking trails
  • The Heimstaed Lodge offers assisted living for seniors
  • 9 and 18 hole golf courses
  • Ice rinks
  • Curling rinks
  • Community halls
  • Campgrounds
  • Softball/baseball diamonds

What We DON'T Have

  • High crime rates
  • Parking issues
  • Traffic congestion

Contact us to discover all the advantages that Mackenzie County offers for achieving success in business with the quality of life expected by the business leaders and entrepreneurs of today.