2021 Off-Site Levy Report

News| March 10, 2022Off-Site Levies Fees are established by Council to recoup costs of infrastructure upgrades or improvements as a method of subsidizing those costs for future development. Without Off-Site Levies, the [...]

2021 Off-Site Levy Report2022-03-10T09:53:18-07:00

Tax Notification Auction (Update)

News | March 7, 2022 The Tax Recovery Auction date is adjourned to April 12, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, located at 4511 46 Avenue, Fort Vermilion, Alberta. Printable [...]

Tax Notification Auction (Update)2022-03-07T09:46:59-07:00

Bursary Applications

News | March 2, 2022 Now accepting bursary applications towards tuition at a post-secondary or trade educational institution. Bursaries are available to first time university/college students within two years from their public [...]

Bursary Applications2022-03-02T14:18:55-07:00

Tax Notification Auction

News | February 8, 2022 Notice is hereby given that, under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Mackenzie County will offer for sale by public auction, in the Council Chambers, located [...]

Tax Notification Auction2022-02-09T15:43:20-07:00

Sportfishing Regulations / Changes

News | January 12, 2022 Alberta Environment & Parks has shared the information on their website that pertains to sportfishing at Wadlin Lake and Talbot Lake.From Alberta Environment & Parks:We are gathering [...]

Sportfishing Regulations / Changes2022-01-12T13:50:57-07:00

Waste Transfer Station Holiday Hours

News | December 8, 2021 Please note the schedule for all Waste Transfer Stations within Mackenzie County during the Christmas season and the first week of the New Year. All Waste Transfer [...]

Waste Transfer Station Holiday Hours2021-12-08T09:45:04-07:00

Rural Alberta Internet Connection

News | November 29, 2021 As a member of Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), Mackenzie County is assisting RMA with a message to our Ratepayers concerning high-speed internet in rural Alberta. RMA [...]

Rural Alberta Internet Connection2021-11-29T12:16:42-07:00

Property Assessment Inspections

News | November 18, 2021 Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. will be in the area during the week of November 21st. Assessors will be visiting properties with known changes or permits County [...]

Property Assessment Inspections2021-11-18T14:01:16-07:00
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