Every council must establish, by bylaw, a position of CAO. The council may give the position an appropriate title, such as Town Manager or Administrator. The CAO is the administrative head of the municipality.

The CAO’s responsibilities include:

  • ensuring that the municipality’s policies and programs are implemented
  • advising and informing the council on the operation of the municipality
  • performing other duties assigned by the council
  • ensuring appropriate staffing is in place

Councillors work with the CAO to keep informed on what the municipality is doing and will depend on the administration to provide information so they can make sound decisions.

A performance appraisal system for the CAO is a key building block for a lasting and positive relationship between the council and the CAO.

Administrative Staff

Chief Administrative Officer

Darrell Derksen
Phone: 780-927-3718
Email: cao@mackenziecounty.com

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Director of Projects and Infrastructure

Byron Peters
Phone: 780-928-3983

Director of Community Services

Don Roberts
Phone: 780-927-3718

Director of Finance

Jennifer Batt
Phone: 780-927-3718

Director of Planning and Agriculture

Caitlin Smith
Phone: 780-928-3983

Director of Utilities

John Zacharias
Phone: 780-928-3983

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Willie Schmidt
Phone: 780-928-3983

Manager of Legislative and Support Services

Louise Flooren
Phone: 780-927-3718

Manager of Operations

Andy Banman
Phone: 780-928-3983