Hamlet of Zama City

The Hamlet of Zama is the oil center of the north and has a very active community spirit.

Okay, get out an Alberta map, you'll need one that has north of Peace River on it, rev up the engine and travel approximately 85 kilometers on the Mackenzie Highway north of the town of High Level, hang a mean left and experience bush-road travel another 63 kilometers; and at the end of that road is the small hamlet of Zama City.

The community of Zama along with Zama Lake were named after a Dene Tha' Chief, whose name was Zamba. Previously known as Zama Lake, Zama and now Zama City we are still a Hamlet within the Mackenzie County.

Our community is located smack-dab in the middle of one of the largest known oil and gas fields in Alberta. Residents are here because of this industry and are all involved somehow or another in the oil and gas profession.

As far as anyone can figure Zama has been in existence for well over 35 years. Legend states that it was initially called 'Cameron Corner' named after the first company that set up on the main street in town. Zama and its citizens are mainly dependent on the major oil companies in the area. We've had our share of them too, Hudson Bay, Dome, Amoco, Coenerco, Pennzoil, Gulf, Phillips and Apache are some of the many that have had holdings in the area.

Our community has quite a few facilities and services that serve the 250 residents as well as upwards of 4,000 transient workers. The people here are hard working and dedicated to the community. We work 24-7, to make sure that the oil field that we rely on stays healthy and in production. It's a hard life but the rewards are many. We have that 'small-town' atmosphere that offers security and safety to our citizens and children. And even though we don't have all the amenities of the big-city, we have what we need to make us happy: Honest work, great friends and above all family!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit us, make sure you look beyond the mud and the bugs, and talk to the people that call this small community "home"!