Farming-2Welcome to Alberta's largest county. Mackenzie County experienced significant growth in 1998, and the trend is continuing, as many businesses and newcomers recognize the unique lifestyle and employment opportunities the county provides.

Located in the northwestern corner of the province approximately 700 kilometers from Edmonton, with the corporate office located in Fort Vermilion, and sub-offices in High Level, La Crete, and Zama City. The County comprises 12 per cent of Alberta's entire landmass, at just over 80,000 square kilometres it is larger than the province of New Brunswick.

The County offers a mix of flat arable land with boreal forest, thus accounting for active agriculture, forestry, and tourism industries. Oil and gas also play a significant role in the area's economy. It is largely responsible for the establishment and growth of three of the area's five main communities, being High Level, Zama City, and Rainbow Lake. Fort Vermilion and La Crete are more driven by forestry and agriculture.

Mackenzie County holds 36 per cent of the Peace Region's natural gas reserves, and 80 per cent of its light-medium crude oil reserves.

There are many active grain farmers in the area, with the two main grain buyers being Agricore (located in High Level) and P & H Grain (located in La Crete). La Crete boasts the largest United Farmers of Alberta retail outlet in Alberta, giving just one indication of how active the local agriculture industry is.

Because the county has a rich natural resource base, this provides a stable work environment. For example, many farmers take jobs with local sawmills during the winter months to supplement their income.

There are several sawmills within the county, the largest being La Crete Sawmills and Ridgeview Mills in La Crete, and Tolko Industries in High Level.

The County believes that, given the high level of primary resource activity in the area, they offer tremendous potential for value-added industry. They will endeavor to assist any new business interested in locating to the area.

Finally, the County offers an unparalleled recreational wilderness experience. Many of the areas lakes are only accessible by pontoon plane, thus account for several local guiding and outfitting businesses.


An enhanced quality of life, choices in community opportunity and health economic climate.


Through the effective use of resources, provide a reasonable and equitable level of service and endeavor to create a sustainable economic climate.

Organizational Values

Efficient, fiscally responsible organization that is sincere and approachable, treats people with respect and maintains a high degree of integrity.