In this section residents will find information regarding important notices, upcoming programs (ie. dust control program), etc.  Please refer to the links on the right located under the heading "In this section" for information regarding Public Hearings, Requests for Proposals, and Tenders.

Changes to User Pay Services

Fees and services are reviewed annually during the budget process. Each service offered is reviewed for its value and cost effectiveness.

Mackenzie County Council has decided not to increase the Residential Mil Rate which would increase taxes. This means that in order to continue to maintain the current service levels provided by the County, some fees needed to be implemented or increased.

User pay fees are a common practice in all municipalities. Using a user pay system avoids costs being incurred by residents not requiring a service. Also, continuing to subsidize services to residents is not sustainable for the future, subsidizing also means that all residents are essentially covering the cost through their taxes.

The full copy of the Fee Schedule Bylaw listing all the current fees can be found at or available at any County Office.

Watch your mailbox for a brochure listing these changes or click here for a copy.

Unauthorized Ditching in County Road Allowance

Mackenzie County has noticed a significant amount of unauthorized ditching in County Road Allowances. In some cases, this ditching has created unsafe road conditions due to side slopes being removed. This also increases the potential for soil erosion, as suitable ditch grades have not been established, allowing water to flow at high speeds. This creates added strain to road culverts, resulting in damaged and flooded roads.

Another overlooked concern is the potential to flood neighbouring farm land, as most perpetrators do not consult with neighbours and the results can be catastrophic.

This unauthorized ditching has also caused concern for the power companies, as power poles have had the required cover removed and have the potential to fall over. In some instances, ditching has come within 8 inches (20 cm) of the poles.

Ditching in County road allowances without authorization from Mackenzie County is illegal and perpetrators can have legal action taken against them which can result in a large fines and repair costs. Ratepayers are required to consult with County personnel to obtain approvals and direction before any ditching takes place to help avoid these unsafe conditions.

Notice to Landowners & Contractors

With reference to any activity on County owned land, please be advised that without the written approval of an administrative representative from Mackenzie County, any activity taking place on our road allowance or property owned by Mackenzie County will be considered trespassing.

Contractors are therefore advised to contact the County Office prior to any such activity.