The Northwest Species at Risk Committee (NWSAR) is a grassroots organization initiated by six municipal governments in Northwest Alberta. The NWSAR formed in response to the Government of Alberta’s Action Plan for boreal caribou recovery and Eric Denhoff’s Recommendations Report released in late May, 2016.

The NWSAR member municipalities are; Mackenzie County, County of Northern Lights, Clear Hills County, Town of High Level, Town of Manning and the Town of Rainbow Lake (see map).


The NWSAR’s purpose is to assist the federal and provincial governments in their approach to boreal woodland caribou population recovery by providing a local multi-stakeholder perspective report; complete with 10 recommendations and an overarching recommendation for the governments to utilize during northwestern range planning.

The Government of Alberta is mandated by the federal government to develop and provide caribou Range Plans for 18 different herds by October 5, 2017.

The Second Draft (July, 2017) of the NWSAR Recommendations Report can be found here.

The Draft Summary (July, 2017) of the NWSAR Recommendations Report can be found here.

The NWSAR wants your input. Once you have reviewed our Draft Recommendations Report, please take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback:

The NWSAR also encourages everyone to visit the Government of Alberta's website for Caribou Range Planning at:

The provincial website provides opportunities for public input through a survey:

While the NWSAR committee does not believe that this survey accurately captures the true input and diversity of opinions regarding caribou recovery provincially, we still encourage you to complete the survey.  The province needs to hear directly from the people of the NWSAR region, as well as the NWSAR committee.

The NWSAR committee also encourages all participants to submit comments, statements or information to the Government of Alberta's caribou range planning team, either about the survey or the impact of caribou range planning to you, your family or your livelihood.  An opportunity to provide open-ended feedback is also provided on their website.