The environmental services department looks after all aspects of solid waste collection, county water and sewer systems, rural water points, parks and campgrounds, and municipal buildings.

Solid Waste Transfer Stations

Mackenzie County operates the following Waste Transfer Stations:

  1. Blue Hills Transfer Station
  2. Buffalo Head Prairie Transfer Station
  3. La Crete Transfer Station
  4. Blumenort Transfer Station
  5. Fort Vermilion Transfer Station
  6. Rocky Lane Transfer Station
  7. Zama Transfer Station

The following waste is accepted:

  • Domestic waste
  • Used tires - rubber only, no rim - all sizes. (not accepted at the Buffalo Head Prairie Transfer Station)
  • Scrap Metal (not accepted at the Buffalo Head Prairie Transfer Station)
  • White Metals (not accepted at the Buffalo Head Prairie Transfer Station). White metals containing Freon must be kept separate from all other white metals.
  • Pesticide Containers - must be triple jet rinsed and punctured. (not accepted at the Buffalo Head Prairie Transfer Station)
  • Demolition and construction debris, renovation wastes and demo sheds.
  • Burnable wood must be free of metal, paint, and wood treatment. (not accepted at the Buffalo Head Prairie Transfer Station)
  • Derelict Auto Bodies (not accepted at the Buffalo Head Prairie or La Crete Transfer Stations)
  • Hazardous Waste - ONLY the following items: batteries, used oil, oil filters, and paint generated by non-commercial users.

The following waste is prohibited:

  • Waste delivered by compactor trucks.
  • Burning refuse or hot ashes.
  • Hazardous waste with the exception of batteries, used oil, oil filters and paint.
  • Liquid waste.
  • Any sludge.
  • Untreated biomedical or pathological waste.
  • Explosives.
  • Dead animals.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Animal manure.
  • Chaff.

Fees for Solid Waste Disposal at Waste Transfer Stations

The following fees are charged at waste transfer stations.  Current fees are listed in our Fee Schedule Bylaw.  Click here to access the Bylaw.  Users can prepay the fees by purchasing a County "Solid Waste Punch Card" at any of the County offices.

Household & Miscellaneous Waste (Hamlet & Rural Residential)      $10.00
Pickup Truck (partial or full load) $50.00
Pickup Truck with Trailer $200.00

Fees for Dumping Loads into 40 Yard Bins

Dump Trailers (all sizes) using the dump able bins 

Untarped loads penalty for commercial, construction, industrial       
and/or institutional material


Tandem or tridem axle trucks are directed to the Regional Landfill.  


Burnable Material - means branches and untreated wood product.

Commercial Waste - means any waste generated from businesses such as, but not limited to, stores, garages, hotels, motels and restaurants.

Construction/Demolition/Renovation Waste - means any material that comes from or goes into erecting, demolishing or repairing a structure (commercial builders, residential and farms).  This includes, but is not limited to: tubs, toilets, insulation, lumber, drywall, windows, doors, flooring, carpeting, sinks, and such.

Household Waste - means daily-generated waste such as, food scraps, tissues, kitchen waste, bathroom waste.

Industrial Waste - means any waste generated from an industry such as forestry and energy.

Institutional Waste - means waste generated from institutions such as hospitals, schools, long-term care facilties and lodges.

Miscellaneous Waste - means loose or boxed waste generated from shop, yard, basement, house or garage clean-up.  May contain items such as clothing, bedding/pillows, small furtniture, lawn furniture and ornaments, car seats, plastic toys/pools, etc.

Mackenzie County reserves the right to control the type and nature of refuse which may be deposited at the transfer station and no refuse may be deposited at the transfer station except in accordance with the transfer station operations manual.

Hamlet Residential Waste Collection

A hamlet residential waste collection program is currently in place for the Hamlet of La Crete at the following rates:

Monthly Collection Waste  

$10.00 per month per residence

One-Time Use Refuse Bin Tags        

$2.50 per tag

Anyone found to be littering waste to be disposed of at the Waste Transfer Station or Landfill shall be subject to a fine of $1,000.00.

Rural Water Points

There are six rural water points with non-potable water located within Mackenzie County for residential use at no charge. Locations of the water points are as follows:

  • Rocky Lane Water Point ~ SE 6-110-14-W5M
  • Buffalo Head Prairie Water Point ~ NE 14-104-15-W5M
  • Wolfe Lake Water Point ~ NE 34-106-14-W5M
  • High Level Water Point ~ SW 6-110-16-W5M
  • Tompkins Water Point ~ SE 16-104-17-W5M
  • La Crete Water Point ~ NE 4-106-15-W5M

Water and Sewer Rates

Rate Description

Water Rates

Sewer Rates

Rates for Metered Users             $37.04/month plus $3.43 per m3 of consumption    $31.52/month plus $0.73 per m3 of water consumption

Rates for Cardlock Users
(treated water)

$3.43 per m3 of consumption $0.73 per m3 of water consumption

Rates for Cardlock Users
(raw water)

$2.56 per m3 of consumption N/A

These rates are approved as per the Fee Schedule Bylaw.

For a copy of the Mackenzie County Comprehensive Water Supply Study prepared by Associated Engineering please click here.

The Mackenzie Regional Waste Management Commission

The Mackenzie Regional Waste Management Commission was established in 2003 and the members include Mackenzie County, the Town of High Level, and the Town of Rainbow Lake. The Commission provides solid waste management services.

For more information regarding the Mackenzie Regional Waste Management Commission visit